Hitherby Dragons Storytime

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The Angels

In which Jane, amidst inexplicable circumstances, meets four angels for the first time.

From Hitherby Dragons by Jenna Moran.

For more on the Angel Four, check out Jack o’Lantern Girl.

Narrator: Xavid
Jane’s mother: Barbara Fleming
Jane: Sarah
Burning bush: Sam Dukhovni
CEOs: Edwin
Evasive A: Zan
Realistic A: Mehitabel Glenhaber
Magic A: Sarah
Forbidden A: Mehitabel Glenhaber
Robot butlers: Matthew Peairs

Sound Effects by:
Richard Gould: Percussa Toolbox
Patrick Ford: Flame Ignition

A History from Volume 1: Jane, or, A Series of Brothers

Tags: Jane the Angel Four Evasive A Realistic A Magic A Forbidden A angels