Hitherby Dragons Storytime

A chronological ordering of the Histories, with certain additional contextual notes.

The Fourth Tyranny

1975 CE
Tenebrae: Karen succumbs to woglies.
March 29: The monster finds Jenna.
1976 CE
January 2: Daniel is born.
Daniel: Daniel deals with Mr. Banks and Ms. Bell.
1980 CE
Early: Alan: Alan is born.
1984 CE
Jenna becomes Jane.
September 15: Bob is born.
1989 CE
October 28: Bob: Bob meets the wogly. The firewood world is born.
1995 CE
March 22: Before He Was Cool: Martin is born on a night of screams and fire.
March 25: The firewood world falls.
1996 CE
December 8: The Angels: Jane meets the Angel Four.
2001 CE
Martin: Martin meets the monster.
2003? CE
Jane assembles the Gibbelins’ Tower Theater Company.