Hitherby Dragons Storytime

The Gibbelins’ Tower Theater Company

Jane usually shows up in legends as a young girl with Martin as her brother. Since she currently is a young girl and Martin is currently her brother, she doesn’t have to master the finer points of acting.

Martin usually shows up in legends as Jane’s slightly older brother. He thinks suffering is necessary for wisdom. He makes unsettling inventions. He’s more cynical than Jane, in part because he’s usually wearing cynicism goggles.

Mr. Schiff is a geology teacher. According to legend, he falls a lot.

Mrs. Schiff comes out when the performance isn’t ready and narrates stuff. Every theater needs a Mrs. Schiff! Her first name is Parvati.

Iphigenia drives the sun across the sky. Not every legend with her in it is about this, but she does.

Sid and Max hang out. And then they fight! It’s probably something that happened to them before they joined the cast at the Gibbelins’ Tower. Like, a basketball game gone bad, or Max locking Sid in a box or something.

Meredith is one of the stock players at the gibbelins’ tower. She has brown hair and an association with the sea.

Broderick is a rat who lives at the Gibbelins’ Tower. He can play all kinds of animals so sometimes people think he’s actually a parrot or a gazebra.

Clair, Saul, and others are stock players. If you see a name repeated a lot, it usually means that someone in the Gibbelins’ Tower crew is playing the relevant roles. It seems to take more effort for them to adopt new names for the sake of a performance, so the theater crew only does that when they have to.

Other Important People

Ink Catherly deserves special mention, but won’t get any.

The monster is not a very nice person, but he has a shiny tie. He descends from the House of Atreus.

The shadow used to be Karen, but then woglies ate the integrity of her world. Now she’s just the shadow.

Mei Ming is a girl the monster pulled from the shadow’s womb. She lives in the tunnels. Martin wants to rescue her, but she’s scared of the light.

Jenna was one of the people of salt. To evade the monster, she died, revived herself, and hid in the tunnels. At some point, the monster found her. He renamed her Jane. Unhappy, she fled to the firewood world and tried to make her life there. It didn’t work, and sometime between then and now, Martin found her and remade her. He kept the name Jane.

The hero, Sebastien, was Jenna’s brother. He is somewhat dubious about Jane, what with all the dying and coming back to life and transforming into different people and all.

The Angel Four wear jackets with holes cut out for their wings. Actually, pretty much every angel in this story wears a jacket, and almost everyone noted as wearing a jacket is an angel. Evasive A is uncatchable, Forbidden A is best not thought about, Magic A has a nonzero chance of accomplishing anything, and Realistic A can provide a realistic assessment of any situation.

Ninja Tathagata is probably that aspect of Tathagata Buddha who is a ninja. He might also be the scion of a clan of ninjas who adopt the names of classic Buddhas when they achieve Ninja Nirvana. It’s hard to say without infinite wisdom.

Dukkha is the world’s fundamental tendency to include hostility and anguish in everyday life. He fights a neverending battle with Ninja Tathagata.

Maya is the illusion of material existence. She’s also Lot’s wife, adoptive mother of the lines of the monster and the people of salt, and Queen Mahamaya, mother to Prince Siddhartha. She gets around.

Daniel, Lisa, Thess, Alan, and Bob were each at one time Jane’s brother or sister. They did not work out very well and had to be replaced.

Vicious Lily is a robotic assassin made to advance the cause of Impressionism.

Strange Entities