Hitherby Dragons Storytime

Volume 1: Jane, or, A Series of Brothers

How four brothers sought—in linear succession—to answer their sister’s pain.

1. Scrape. Scrape. Crunch. Legend
A legend, that is to say a show, performed in 2004 by Jane and her final brother Martin.
2. What is Hitherby Dragons? Merin
3. Daniel History (1976)
The history of Daniel’s attempt to rescue his sister Jenna, who would later become Jane, from the monster.
4. A Story Legend
5. Classifying Things Legend
6. Alan History (Early 1980)
The history of the birth of Alan, brother to Jenna, who will become Jane.
7. She Puts on Shows Merin
8. The Truth Legend
A legend that misleads, perhaps, to reveal a truer reality.
9. Tenebrae History (1975)
A history with insights into woglies and the monster.
10. Scanning Things Legend