Hitherby Dragons Storytime

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Tunnel Rat

Introducing Jenna’s original brother, Sebastien.

From Hitherby Dragons by Jenna Moran.

For more on Jenna and Sebastien, check out Jack o’Lantern Girl.

Narrator: Xavid
Sebastien: Thomas Mack
Jenna: Sarah
Tara: Barbara Fleming
Ben: James Pretzer
The oceanid: Mehitabel Glenhaber

Music and Sounds by:
Smhertz: "Serial Bloom" from Massamolla
Tabletop Audio: Hermit Hut (Ambience Only), Down by the Sea
nebulousflynn: Sea - Ocean - Beach - Close
univ_lyon3: BUISSON_Manara_2017-2018_WaveSound
dobroide: 20150720_seagull.screech

A History from Volume 2: The Tunnels

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