Hitherby Dragons Storytime


Jane usually shows up in legends as a young girl with Martin as her brother. Since she currently is a young girl and Martin is currently her brother, she doesn’t have to master the finer points of acting.

Jenna was one of the people of salt. To evade the monster, she died, revived herself, and hid in the tunnels. At some point, the monster found her. He renamed her Jane. Unhappy, she fled to the firewood world and tried to make her life there. It didn’t work, and sometime between then and now, Martin found her and remade her. He kept the name Jane.

Episodes with Jane/Jenna:

Scrape. Scrape. Crunch. Legend (Jane)
What is Hitherby Dragons? Merin (Jane)
Classifying Things Legend (Jane)
Alan History (Jenna)
She Puts on Shows Merin (Jane)
The Truth Legend (Jane)
Scanning Things Legend (Jane)
Bob History (Jane)
The Girl And The Rat Legend (Jane)
The Angels History (Jane)
Jane’s Father Legend (Jane)
Jane Confronts the Problem of Martin Legend (Jane)
Dumping Glue on a Log Legend (Jane)